The Journey of a New Wife

I am going to try something new with this blog. Yes this is a blog about my life as a new wife but as those of you know me personally I am full of useless knowledge! Once a week I am going to post a blog called Fact or Myth. I want you to carefully read over each blog entry and then in the comments section I want you to tell me if it is a fact or if is a myth. Also please explain the reasoning  behind your choice (ie prior knowledge, research, or common sense).

Drinking Warm Milk Makes You Sleepy

This is a common old wives tale and you know what they say about those right? In actuality this phenomenon is based on the trace amounts of Tryptophan. Tryptophan is the same chemical that can be found in turkey. Which is why a nap is well needed after a hearty Thanksgiving meal of turkey and stuffing. Evidence shows that the psychological influence alone is enough to make one go to sleep after a warm glass of milk. A study published in an issue of Neuroendocrinology Letters showed the correlation between feedings and how quickly infants fall asleep. It could be cited that this act in adults is a sign of them unconsciously being reminded of an infantile state, which in turn can causes them to fall asleep.

Fact or Myth?


I am going to try something new with this blog. Yes this is a blog about my life as a new wife but as those of you know me personally I am full of useless knowledge! Once a week I am going to post a blog called Fact or Myth. I want you to carefully read over each blog entry and then in the comments section I want you to tell me if it is a fact or if is a myth. Also please explain the reasoning  behind your choice (ie prior knowledge, research, or common sense).

Teen Birth Rates Have Increased since the 1950s

Trends show that teen birth rates have increased since the 1950s. This directly correlates with the breakdown of the nuclear family. As divorce rates and premarital sex rates rise so do those of teen pregnancies. It has become the norm for teens to become pregnant prior to graduating college. Years prior when mothers stayed at home and fathers were the bread winners premarital sex was the exception not the rule. It was a stigma on your family and a disgrace in the eyes of the community for a young girl to become pregnant outside of the bounds of matrimony. These days it is not only the norm but it is expected. All you have to do is turn on the TV and you are bombarded with shows such as Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant. Showing young girls that having a child at a young age is not such a bad thing at all. On that thought there was also the Lifetime movie ‘The Pregnancy Pact’ which followed a group of teenage girls that went to great lengths to get pregnant. Parents tell there children that these things did not occur when they were their age because it was forbidden. Family and marriage were valued.

Is the above post Fact or Myth?

I am going to try something new with this blog. Yes this is a blog about my life as a new wife but as those of you know me personally I am full of useless knowledge! Once a week I am going to post a blog called Fact or Myth. I want you to carefully read over each blog entry and then in the comments section I want you to tell me if it is a fact or if is a myth. Also please explain the reasoning  behind your choice (ie prior knowledge, research, or common sense).

The Rich Do Not Pay Less Taxes – I am really curious who will guess this one correctly.

The democratic party has led us all to believe that the rich pay less taxes than the average american and therefore should be forced to pay an additional amount on top of what they already pay. What lower to middle class person does not love to hear this? In actuality a family with an annual income of $300k will pay 34% in taxes. This equals out to 1/3 of their income going into taxes.  Lets give an example, if there was indeed a flat tax rate for every class no matter the income say 20%, the taxes on anyone that has an annual income of $200k or more will actually go down. Anyone making less than $200k will actually see their taxes rise. People want to believe that the wealthy indeed pay more and therefore should give more to than they do in order to help the less fortunate. This would help welfare wouldn’t it? This would be what is best for our economy right? I am not so sure about that.

Now tell me … Is what I stated above fact or myth? What is your take on who should pay more taxes? Do you believe there should be a flate rate for taxes? Do you believe that self-made millionaires should be punished for having been successful in order to help those less fortunate? Am I merely spewing what all republicans believe?

{September 13, 2011}   My weekend …

Ross Stores

Image via Wikipedia

Over the weekend I traveled to Kingsport, TN. The purpose of my trip was to place Jasper, the boxer mix puppy mentioned in previous posts, in a new home. He is now living with my cousin.  I am not happy about this at all, but it is probably best for everyone involved.  I know that he is going to be well taken care of.

In addition to rehomeing Jasper, I was able to spend some much needed time with family. :) I spent all day Saturday and an hour or so on Sunday with Nancy and Lee. I spent Friday and Saturday nights with Cassie and Glenn.  I felt like I was able to relax and not stress about work and my car … Unbeknownst to me at the time, I probably should have been stressing about my car. Come Monday morning, it would not start, but more about that in a bit. Nancy and I spent the afternoon in Bristol, VA perusing Ross and TJ Maxx. I found this cute full length black dress that looks absolutely amazing on me at Ross.  I cannot find a link to the dress I bought, but it is very flattering. I also purchased these absolutely adorable Baby Phat sunglasses at Walmart in Kingsport, TN while with Glenn and Cassie. They are black with white stripes on the arms and of course the Baby Phat symbol on each arm. I am loving that Walmart is now selling Baby Phat products super cheap! Not too long ago I purchased a pair of jeans made by Baby Phat that were cheaper than the Faded Glory jeans that Walmart is known for. It amazes me that Walmart is selling jeans that are cheap if they are $60 for $20.

Now back to my car issues. Yesterday morning I was getting ready to leave for work just before 7:30 am when I realized my car would not start. The first thought that ran through my head was ‘CRAP! How am I supposed to get to work now?’ Well to make a long story Mr. B finally got my car running yesterday afternoon. Okay, I think, I should be okay from here on out. WRONG! Car wasn’t running again this morning. He gets it running and I go on to work. When I attempt to go to lunch this afternoon the car will not start again. Something seriously has to give! I cannot continue to have issues with my car starting every time I need it to start. I know that eventually we are going to HAVE to purchase another vehicle to replace the P(iece)O(f)S(hit)  Chevy Malibu I am just hoping that we can make it last until tax season. I can’t really complain too much. The car is a 2003 and has over 202k miles on it. I think the plan at the moment is to try to find the hubs a truck to trade the Malibu in for and for me to drive the Saturn but everything we have looked at is out of our price range.

Wish us luck as we attempt to make my car last as long as humanly possible! There is just no way we can survive as a 1 car family. That would mean either I had no way to work and he drove the car to work and then picked me up from work or I drove him to work and then took the car to work leaving him with no way to get home after work.

{September 7, 2011}   Fact or Myth? Low Fat vs Full Fat

I am going to try something new with this blog. Yes this is a blog about my life as a new wife but as those of you know me personally I am full of useless knowledge! Once a week I am going to post a blog called Fact or Myth. I want you to carefully read over each blog entry and then in the comments section I want you to tell me if it is a fact or if is a myth. Also please explain the reasoning  behind your choice (ie prior knowledge, research, or common sense).

Low Fat vs Full Fat

When a product lists low fat it does not necessarily mean it is good for you. Low fat in a product simply means that the product has less fat than then regular product does. .In this day and age when we as consumers see products listed as low fat we automatically assume said product is good for us. What we do not realize is that the low fat snack is quite possibly high in calories and sugar. Example, one low-fat Oreo cookie has 50 calories, a mere 3 calories less that than then original Oreo. The low-fat hype is more about profit and less about actual nutritional facts. Companies realize that the average american is willing to pay more money for a product with “Low Fat” stamped on the side then a product without it. Most people are twice as likely to eat MORE if a product is labeled low fat then if the product is not. In addition, the low-fat counterparts are rarely as tastey as their full fat counterparts. Why as a generation do we feel the need to sacrifice taste instead of merely paying closer attention to the nutrition facts listed on every product we buy?

Heads up …. The following post is a rant :)

So apparently more construction has begun in Charlotte. Big surprise right?! HAHA I wish. This time on Randolph Road. Combine the sink hole on park the construction (that hopefully is ALMOST done) on South Blvd and now the sink hole/water line leak on Randolph there are detours EVERYWHERE! Has the DOT really allowed the roads to get so bad that every route to work I have is under construction? Add the school buses in the morning and I may have to start leaving for work at 6 am.

What amazes me is that with some of the schools starting late and some starting at the time they always have no matter what time I leave for work I always see a school bus. When I am pulling out the apartment complex at 7 in the morning Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for my 8 am days, I see a school bus. Lo and behold though! When I am pulling out the apartment complex at 8 in the morning on Thursdays I see a school bus.

{September 5, 2011}   Epic FAIL!

I feel like such a loser! I was sitting on my balcony smoking a cig and checking my FB on my phone when I dropped my flippin’ phone onto the concrete! Of course, the screen completely smashed! Luckily the hubs had the foresight to have insurance on our phones and my new phone will be here in a few days! If you know ANYTHING about me then you know that my phone is permanently attached to my hand. I am always doing something on my phone! I can still technically use my phone with the screen broken but with it being touchscreen it is NOT easy! A word of advise. If you do not have insurance on your cell phone, get it! I am horrible about dropping phones. Its as if I have butterfingers!

NOT my phone but pretty much what my screen looks like.

Other then the complete failure mentioned above, today has been a good day. I hope everyone had a memorable Labor day! I am going to go and try to enjoy whats left of mine :)

{September 5, 2011}   Brain Dump :)

Hello World!

I haven’t updated this blog in ages and I have started to feel a bit guilty about it! I have been blog stalking a few people here lately and have decided I needed to get back into the game! I am sure no one actually reads this but I enjoy getting my thoughts out there. I cannot promise every blog will be sunshine and rainbows but i am going to keep it real.

Let me get everyone caught up on whats be going on! First things first, We added a new addition to the B family! His name is Jasper.

Jasper laying on 'Daddy's' pillow early in the morning! :)

He was asleep until he heard me walking up :)

Sporting his 'Bad Boy' Hoodie

He is a boxer/lab mix the sweet and most hyper puppy in the world! His favorite past time is annoying the cat!

In other news, a bunch of college students have moved into the apartment across from us. Let us just say that they have no respect whatsoever for the other tenants in this building! The are loud and obnoxious! I want to greatly apologize to anyone that may have been annoyed by myself during my college years! The neighbors above and below them can hear them slamming doors and blasting music and just plain being loud at all hours of the night! The complex we reside in has a strict quiet time policy from 10 pm until 7 am in order to prevent residents from annoying their neighbors cuz lets face it people have small children and people have to get up and work! No one wants to hear their neighbors until 3 am!  They have one complaint against them where the courtesy officer has had to come out to quiet them down and if they get one more they will be evicted. Is it wrong for me to hope they get one more?

And if the neighbors across the hall were not bad enough our neighbors above us just add to the annoyance. We can hear them walking around all day and night! This is not just normal walking! I swear these people must have lead in their feet. This very afternoon it sounded as if they were surely going to come through the ceiling and land in my kitchen. I dont even want to know what they were doing up there! The picture above seems to me like the perfect representation of my upstairs neighbors!

Perfect example!

Well my dinner is waiting for me! I will be back with more interesting posts soon!


Okay, so I work full time and when I am able to I enjoy the occasional day of being able to just veg out on the couch watching Reality TV :) My secret obsession haha! On that note, nothing frustrates me more than not getting an adequate service, ie Time Warner Cable, that you pay for on time every month. Our cable, well I shouldn’t really say that, more like the cable box in the living room, is NOT working properly. It continuously freezes up when I so much as try to change the channel or pull up the guide. As far as the DVR goes? FORGET about it, it is not recording ANYTHING. So like a good consumer I call the customer service line to find out what is going on and what can be done to correct this cuz lets face it I am a daytime television whore and I am NEVER home during the daytime so I like to catch up on my shows through the weekend in between my cleaning sessions. So, the customer service agent goes on to tell me that technicians are working in the area and it should be fixed by tomorrow. Okay I think! Thats wonderful, they are aware of an issue. I then turn on my tv in the bedroom and the cable is wonderful. So that makes me wonder if there is an issue with the cable or with my cable box. :( I dont like having mine veggin’ out time so rudely interupted … I guess I will have to clean now HAHA! If the issue is not fixed by tomorrow I will be calling them again and demanding something be done because honestly I am not going to be paying for a faulty service.

On another note calling Time Warner Cable was the first time I was able to blast out loud and proud that I am Mrs. B. :) Let me tell you, it felt wonderful. I love being his wife. I love have the honor of sharing my life with this wonderful caring man.

Until next time :)

Let me first start out by saying I love being a Mrs. Every time someone calls me by my married name it brings an instant smile to my face! Especially when Matt’s family refers to me as Mrs. B :) It makes me feel completely welcomed into the fold of his family, which is now a part of my family.

On that note though, I wanted to touch on the issue of pet-peeves in a marriage.

The always empty toilet paper roll

The always empty toilet paper roll

Some things need no explanation beyond a simple picture :)

The constant battle of the Toilet Seat

I am without a doubt a hypocritical pet-peeve’er. There are just some things that are like nails on a chalk board for me, that is as long as its not me doing them. I am curious if anyone else has encountered this issue. Surely it cannot be unique to just me. Matt, God love him, knows pretty much every one of my pet-peeves and at times purposely does something he knows annoys the crap out of me and then smiles oh so sweetly at me. You are not fooling me dear husband, I know that you must enjoy watching me squirm. I will let you all in on my list of pet-peeves to show how ridiculous some of them MAY be.

  1. The sound a straw makes when there truly is nothing left in the cup and  you just have to keep sucking in the air. This is probably Matt’s favorite one to bug me with. No matter where we are he always does it and I always jump and get that little smile.
  2. Slurping on noodles or just food in general and noisy eating. This one makes me physically nauseous at times. Matthew and a few other people around me cannot seem to help eating annoyingly. Matthew normally uses the excuse that he lived with just his father from the age of 13 and so has no sense of table manners what so ever.
  3. Eating ice. This is my biggest hypocritical pet-peeve. I am a touch anemic so at times I just HAVE to eat ice. Still not sure why a lack of iron would want to make someone much down on some ice but that is beside the point. Matt, I believe is also anemic even though you will never ever get him to admit this. His mother, an RN,  has also pointed out the possibility to him, but I digress. There is just something about the sound of the ice grating against teeth that makes me want to jump out of my skin. Also, it does not bother me in the least when I do it.

    The best example I could find of chewing ice :)

I will not list every single one of my pet-peeves, cuz granted no one in the world has time for that. Those are simply my top 3.

On a day to day basis, they really don’t factor in too much. I have learned who I should avoid and when. I can never eat next to my sister or my mom. The jaw popping sound is just way too much and were I to try I really don’t think I would be able to keep my food where it belongs. These are just little things that make me who I am :)

I would love to hear some feedback on any pet-peeves that you may or may not have. Rather they be hypocritical or completely justified.

**On a side note** I received a voice-mail stating that my certified copy of my marriage license in ready to be picked up. :) I can now begin the long drawn out process of changing my name.

et cetera