The Journey of a New Wife

{September 5, 2011}   Epic FAIL!

I feel like such a loser! I was sitting on my balcony smoking a cig and checking my FB on my phone when I dropped my flippin’ phone onto the concrete! Of course, the screen completely smashed! Luckily the hubs had the foresight to have insurance on our phones and my new phone will be here in a few days! If you know ANYTHING about me then you know that my phone is permanently attached to my hand. I am always doing something on my phone! I can still technically use my phone with the screen broken but with it being touchscreen it is NOT easy! A word of advise. If you do not have insurance on your cell phone, get it! I am horrible about dropping phones. Its as if I have butterfingers!

NOT my phone but pretty much what my screen looks like.

Other then the complete failure mentioned above, today has been a good day. I hope everyone had a memorable Labor day! I am going to go and try to enjoy whats left of mine :)


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