The Journey of a New Wife

Heads up …. The following post is a rant :)

So apparently more construction has begun in Charlotte. Big surprise right?! HAHA I wish. This time on Randolph Road. Combine the sink hole on park the construction (that hopefully is ALMOST done) on South Blvd and now the sink hole/water line leak on Randolph there are detours EVERYWHERE! Has the DOT really allowed the roads to get so bad that every route to work I have is under construction? Add the school buses in the morning and I may have to start leaving for work at 6 am.

What amazes me is that with some of the schools starting late and some starting at the time they always have no matter what time I leave for work I always see a school bus. When I am pulling out the apartment complex at 7 in the morning Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for my 8 am days, I see a school bus. Lo and behold though! When I am pulling out the apartment complex at 8 in the morning on Thursdays I see a school bus.


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