The Journey of a New Wife

{September 13, 2011}   My weekend …

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Over the weekend I traveled to Kingsport, TN. The purpose of my trip was to place Jasper, the boxer mix puppy mentioned in previous posts, in a new home. He is now living with my cousin.  I am not happy about this at all, but it is probably best for everyone involved.  I know that he is going to be well taken care of.

In addition to rehomeing Jasper, I was able to spend some much needed time with family. :) I spent all day Saturday and an hour or so on Sunday with Nancy and Lee. I spent Friday and Saturday nights with Cassie and Glenn.  I felt like I was able to relax and not stress about work and my car … Unbeknownst to me at the time, I probably should have been stressing about my car. Come Monday morning, it would not start, but more about that in a bit. Nancy and I spent the afternoon in Bristol, VA perusing Ross and TJ Maxx. I found this cute full length black dress that looks absolutely amazing on me at Ross.  I cannot find a link to the dress I bought, but it is very flattering. I also purchased these absolutely adorable Baby Phat sunglasses at Walmart in Kingsport, TN while with Glenn and Cassie. They are black with white stripes on the arms and of course the Baby Phat symbol on each arm. I am loving that Walmart is now selling Baby Phat products super cheap! Not too long ago I purchased a pair of jeans made by Baby Phat that were cheaper than the Faded Glory jeans that Walmart is known for. It amazes me that Walmart is selling jeans that are cheap if they are $60 for $20.

Now back to my car issues. Yesterday morning I was getting ready to leave for work just before 7:30 am when I realized my car would not start. The first thought that ran through my head was ‘CRAP! How am I supposed to get to work now?’ Well to make a long story Mr. B finally got my car running yesterday afternoon. Okay, I think, I should be okay from here on out. WRONG! Car wasn’t running again this morning. He gets it running and I go on to work. When I attempt to go to lunch this afternoon the car will not start again. Something seriously has to give! I cannot continue to have issues with my car starting every time I need it to start. I know that eventually we are going to HAVE to purchase another vehicle to replace the P(iece)O(f)S(hit)  Chevy Malibu I am just hoping that we can make it last until tax season. I can’t really complain too much. The car is a 2003 and has over 202k miles on it. I think the plan at the moment is to try to find the hubs a truck to trade the Malibu in for and for me to drive the Saturn but everything we have looked at is out of our price range.

Wish us luck as we attempt to make my car last as long as humanly possible! There is just no way we can survive as a 1 car family. That would mean either I had no way to work and he drove the car to work and then picked me up from work or I drove him to work and then took the car to work leaving him with no way to get home after work.


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